Thursday, 2 August 2012

Reply to naveena adityan

Dear Editor Sir, (Naveena Adityan – fortnightly Magazine)

At the outset let me express my heartfelt thanks for having published my explanation in response to our write-up, made in the last issue.Also accept my appreciation for the translation of my elucidation into Tamil version, without any change in the meaning.While respecting the feelings of Mr. V.Srinivasan's (President of Sivaji Social Welfare Forum of South Chennai) write-up, I differ with the Statement of Mr. Nanjil Inba. I would like to put-forth my small illumination or clarification to the message given by Mr. Nanjil Inba : 

As per his Statement, when the survey taken by Kumudam Weekly Magazine, in 1990s, Late Respectable Sivaji Ganesan had many fans over other Artists. Our beloved God MGR was not at all in the scene during the survey by Kumudam magazine and they perceived him as Ex-CM and not viewed him as an Actor, at that time. Our beloved God MGR left the Tamil Cine Field in the year 1977 itself on his assuming the Charge as Chief Ministerr of Tamil Nadu, in response to the confidence reposed on him by the peopole of Tamil Nadu, with overwhelming majority. This confidence was gained by him only through his public interest and for his keen/active social activities. It is quite surprise to note that he was trusted by the people of Tamil Nadu fully and this fact was proved through his continuous success in the political career by increasing the Votes, year after year. I invite to your kind attention that at the time of leaving the Tamil Cine Field, our beloved MGR had nearly 17 films, as pending/incompleted or clogged with by mere performing Pooja. These films include the movies by the Stalwarts and so called Sivaji Ganesan's Group - Sridhar, A.P.Nagarajan, K.S.Gopalakrishnan & G.K. Dharmarajan (who made the Sivaji film "Ilaiya Thalimurai") etc. This itself is a great world achievement when an Actor, at his 60th Age, had 17 films, as Hero. 

The Survey may be true but at that time our beloved MGR was not in the Field. Moreover, he died in the year 1987 itself. Hence, let the Late respectable Sivaji Ganesan's Fans enjoy themselves, by comparing him with other Actors and Not with the LEGEND MGR.

So far as MGR was in the Cine Field, he was the Emperor. He still retains the title "Collection King" through his re-released films, on several occasions. Even now the Film Distributors for the whole State, located in the Meeran Sahib Street, Chintadripet, Chennai - 2 praising MGR who still lights in their life and thus he becomes visible for them as 'OLI VILAKKU'. In support of the statement, one distributor remarked astonishingly that the film 'ULAGAM SUTRUM VAALIBAN' made a record collection of 3 crores, silently, within 15 weeks of its re-release, without any advertisement, in a big manner, in the year 2008. This Advertisement is not even met out the 10% of the advertisement given for the film 'Karnan" recently. 

The 81 years of Tamil Cinema World knows that our beloved GOD M.G.R. Movies can only set Records and such Records cannot be broken by anybody else. It is to be noted that our beloved MGR had acted 115 Films as Hero. Out of this 115 movies, almost 90% of the films are re-released quite often, without any gap, throughout the State. The late respectable Sivaji Ganesan's Fans should understand this truth. Their affectionate actor had acted 288 films and out of this not even 20% of his films were re-released. It is enough to establish that our beloved MGR is unbeatable and unshaken. 

Under the circumstances, let the late respectable Sivaji Ganesan's Fan can make challenge with other Actors' Fans and NOT WITH US. 

M.G.R. - The only Actor who has Repeated Audience in the WORLD

The only first Actor turned out to be a Political Leader and ruled successive terms, until his
death, in the COUNTRY. 

The only Actor received "Bharath" Award and retains the Fans in mass, even after his death of 25 years, in the STATE. 

This apart his being a Recipient of "BHARATHA RATNA" Award for his valuable services in the Political Field. 


The answer to the above is OUR BELOVED GOD M.G.R.

With kind Regards,
Prof. S. Selvakumar,

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